3 Blog Benefits You Should Know in 2020

Learn about these 3 Blog Benefits you should know in 2020

A lot of people think the only blog benefits on the Internet is as a money machine, no?

The purpose of the blog is to write something for humans, not for the search engine spider. Prioritizing SEO over the actual human that read your content is wrong.

Yes, I was there on that hole, for the whole three years, I tire myself out, creating robotic content for the sole purpose of ads income.

Blog is

Based on the Wikipedia page about the blog. A blog is a website where the content dynamic, up to date and keep changing (like this one). Blog content referenced as a blog post.

Usually, blogs are run by someone (individual), or a small group to convey information in a casual style. However, there are also blogs formed by large companies.

I mentioned about 5 Advantages of a Personal Website for Your Branding. It said blogs as one of the elements of a personal website.

Blog Benefits

As a place to learn to write and communicate effectively


Based on my unscientific observation through Youtube. There is a lot of vlogger or YouTuber from the US that confidently speak in public places. And most of them wrote a beautifully written content on their blog or journal.

Unlike in the US. In Indonesia, especially people around me, there are many people having difficulty in writing, or even in a conversation.

The majority of people I met talking like doing a presentation. Even some salespeople I know, pitch their product like they don’t understand their product.

By looking at their gesture and facial expression, they seem afraid of making a mistake. While a mistake is one of the processes of learning, well-communicated is an essential skill that needs to master in 2020.

Blog benefit here is, it teaches us to write and communicate effectively. Do it like you own a media company. Try to write analytical content rather than fiction or poem. By doing that, you’ll get proficient in writing in no time.

By doing this, I felt like I can see everything from a different perspective, my brain starts to get accustomed to critical thinking, and I become a better person.

Blog as Your Pillar


I personally think my blog as a pillar. Whether you wanted to be a businessman, freelancer, or office worker. A blog can be your support for your show. 

Here are 2 examples of why blog benefit as your career foundation:

an example, there is a situation where two people applied for a job in Digital Marketing. Both of them has a good resume, and have an excellent performance in their previous workplace. If I became their HR manager, I’d choose the one who has a blog and useful content. 

Another example, if you wanted to create a product in 2020. The first step you’ll take is to create a blog about the product that you’re going to sell. With this blog, you’ll understand more about your potential customer. 

Gathering the audience is the best investment you can do for your brand. Based on 2020 B2B Research from Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs.

Goals B2B Marketers Have Achieved by Using Content Marketing Successfully in Last 12 Months

  1. Create Brand Awareness (86%)
  2. Educate the Audience (79%)
  3. Build credibility/trust (75%)
  4. Generate demand/leads (70%)
  5. Nurture subscriber/audiences/leads (68%)

Blog benefits as your future investment.

Learn while Educating


Based on my experience and other bloggers I know, they use their blog to document what they learn and share their knowledge with others. There are a lot of people with the topic they do not fully understand, while learning, they educate others on that topic.

One of the blog benefits I applied here is this. Learn while educating others.

This technique is known as Feynman Learning Technique, the best way to learn is by teaching others, and explain what have you learn using the simplified term.

Here I am not suggesting you lie and pretend to know everything. Your reader spend their precious time to read your article, and they’re smart, they will recognize if you are lying. It is far better if you’re honest, especially about things that you don’t know.

You don’t have to be an expert in choosing the niche of your blog. There are a lot of people who are far more skilled or above you. Just by being passionate enough about your niche and write your learning experiences. 

Other Blog Benefits?

Actually, there are a lot of blog benefits other than I mentioned above. Three blog benefits mentioned before is my biggest motivation in making this blog.

Start blogging now before it’s too late. If you have a blog, how long have you been blogging? And is there any blog benefits that motivate you other than I mentioned? Feel free to comment below

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