5 Advantages of a Personal Website – Jumpstart Your Personal Branding

It's 2020, learn why you should own a personal website

One day, my friend asked about how to build personal branding, and he asked: “Do I need a personal website?”. It makes me wonder, do people need to ask about do they need a personal website for personal branding? It’s 2020, and let me tell you 5 Advantages of a Personal Website to Jumpstart your Personal Branding.

Just like I said in the previous article about Digital Marketing, a personal brand isn’t different from the business brand. That is why any digital marketing strategies can be applied for personal branding too.

Whether you wanted to sell a product or service, or maybe you are looking for 9to5 work, a personal website will be advantageous for you.

The Main Advantages of a Personal Website is You’ll be Discovered Easily on the Internet


By owning a personal website, the main advantages are you’ll be discovered easily on the Internet. Whether it’s the HR where you applied for a job, or someone is looking for your product or service. Because it is a website, you can optimize your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and implement the Digital Marketing technique.

When people search for your name on Google, they’ll found you and your website. Of course, this will adds your value, especially when you are using paid domain and functional website that looks professional.

You will Look More Credible

Because your personal website is going to include your work experience, education, the knowledge that you have, and portfolio, in this case, your website will look no different than your resume. Even some consider that a personal website is a resume. On your website, you will have to show your advantages and giving them the reason why they should use your product, service, or hire you.

How to Make Your Website Looks Credible

One of the advantages of a personal website is yours to have a credible image. Of course, some criteria needed to fulfill to make your website looks more credible. Here is some point to make your website looks credible:

  • Try to use a paid domain and hosting to add credibility to your website.
  • Create or choose a template or web design that looks professional and good. Even though this is about preference, you can differentiate between a good website and a random website.
  • Create a page about you and give it your face picture, so there is not any assumption that this website isn’t a personal website with an anonym writer.
  • Add a page that shows how to contact you. It can contain your e-mail or your social media account.
  • Make sure you always update your personal website. Whether it is in the form of blog content or your latest resume.
  • Try to make sure your website free from typo and avoid unnecessary acronym or slang language.

Higher Chances of Being Hired

Just like what I’ve mentioned before, the advantages of a personal website is you have something that your competitor doesn’t have. Online portfolio and content on your website will be a factor where it’s affecting your chances of being accepted in a company.

56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool—however, only 7% of job seekers actually have a personal website.


Based on an article from Forbes. 56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool. However, only 7% of job seekers actually have a personal website. A lot of people will start to aware of this before it’s too late. Now is the time to jumpstart your personal branding with a personal website.

Express Yourself


It’s not like a social media profile page, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Advantages of a personal website, you can be more creative. Whether it’s your about page, the article you wrote, or your website design. You can express yourself and your personality through your website because your website will become a corner of your place on the Internet.

Every element or detail from your website will paint a picture of your personal branding as an individual and an expert on your expertise. So, make sure you use this as an advantage. I think customizing my own website is fun and has a lot of benefits.

High Return-on-Investment (ROI)

A lot of people think it’s expensive to have a website and maintain it, and not getting the advantages of a personal website, well it’s not. Even though it is highly not recommended for your personal website, you can use free blog services like WordPress.com or Blogspot.com, well it’s better than you have nothing.

How Much Domain and Hosting Cost?

Nowadays, domain and hosting are getting cheaper. You can have a website as low as $2.75/month, and you’ll get unmetered disk-space and bandwidth, which is enough for a personal website.

But It Doesn’t Include the Website Design?


Most people use WordPress, and there is a reason for that, in addition to easy to use, there is a lot of plugin and template that you can choose to kick start your website design. You can try to search on Google with keywords like ‘Free WordPress Template,’ and you’ll find a ton of free templates that you can choose.

Why It’s ROI is High?

Imagine, for $2.5/month, and you’ll have a personal website that looks professional, credible and become your platform for you to sell your product or service. Compared with all those advantages of a personal website, you’ll get so much compared to your expenses.

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