Hi, I am Graha Nurdian, nice to meet you.

Graha Nurdian lives in Malang, East Java. Born in 1994 makes Graha in the middle of the transition between baby boomer and Gen Z. Living in the middle of a fastidious technological shift is exciting.

Graha Nurdian became a blogger since 2008 and having more interest in technology, writing a blog as part of Graha note. Graha love to ride a bicycle and snap something interesting on his camera.

Digital Marketing

Since 2010 Graha Nurdian intensely learns about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is part of Digital Marketing. Along with Digital Marketing as a whole, Graha Nurdian also learned other parts of Digital Marketing like SEO, Content Writing, and Social Media.

Other than Digital Marketing, Graha Nurdian learn about SEO, Content-Writing, and Social Media.

About This Blog


Graha used this blog as my note about things that Graha learned. Graha Nurdian loves to write. Because with writing, it deepens his understanding regarding the topic that he discussed. By writing, He is organizing his mind structure inside an article that is more comfortable to read for Graha, even for you, too, as his reader.

In this blog, you’ll find various topics Graha learns here, from his personal note, Traveling, Gadget, Digital Marketing, Social Media, etc. Graha hopes what he wrote here will have benefits for him and lots of his readers.

Thanks for giving Graha your precious time to read his about page. He hopes all of his articles or writings have a benefit for you. If you have any questions or wanted to discuss further, feel free to contact Graha Nurdian through the contact page.

Other Website

Graha Nurdian – This blog content is quite the same with this one, except this one explicitly written in Bahasa Indonesia. Feel free to visit if you’re more comfortable reading in Bahasa Indonesia.

IKucing – This is another website that Graha currently manages. A site about cats, yeah, because he loves cats! There, Graha shares all of his knowledge while learning about cats. Whether it’s listicle about funniest cats, or health and behavior training for cats, feel free to stop by if you wanted to see cute cats picture.