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A Millenial, self-proclaimed cyclist, and a digital marketer.

7 Sign That You are Rich


If you think the sign that you are rich is in the Top 50 Richest Man in Indonesia means you’re rich, or maybe own a supercar, or perhaps own a mansion house, well, you’re not wrong. But did you know that “Rich” is relative? The point is, “rich” is as subjective as “happy.” It’s different for everyone, and you shouldn’t stress yourself...

Overcome FOMO in a Pandemic and be Happier in 2021


How to overcome FOMO in a Pandemic? Suddenly this question popped up in my head yesterday. Most of us experienced anxiety while scrolling on social media seeing pictures of our friend or family meetup or on vacation. It happens to me, and I wished that I had never looked at it. Sadly, the pandemic made it worst, just because some of us choose to stay at home. But, what to do to deal with FOMO and...

4 Amazing Ways to Increasing Work From Home Productivity, Science Says


Amidst the pandemic, most of us (including me) are struggling with work from home productivity. As we know, becoming more productive and efficient, the greater the chance you will become successful. We’re stuck with spending more time at home for the past year, and finding the motivation to get your work done before the deadline may have been a little bit difficult. After a while, I found...

Graha Nurdian

A Millenial, self-proclaimed cyclist, and a digital marketer.

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